Enter Jarritos Flavor City Contest 2011!

The Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest is looking for innovative Artist to describe what Jarritos means to them. We are looking for artists of all ages to develop eye-catching works of art in any medium to express the flavor and experience of Jarritos. Each art submission must incorporate the Jarritos logo and at least one of the eleven Jarritos flavors. (fruit punch, grapefruit, guava, hibiscus, lime, mandarin, pineapple, strawberry, tamarind, mango, lemon-lime).

The Panel of Judges is assembled by: Amanda Lynn, Mike Maxwell, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Kove, Leinya Magana and Kimberly Verde of A&O PR, Raymond Roker of URB Magazine, Tribal Gear, Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises, Stephan Malbon of Frank 151, Mark Murphy of Murphy Design, Eklips of The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery, Jesse Hernandez, Retna, Brandy Flower of Hit and Run, Eddie Donaldson of GuerillaOne.com and more to be announced.

The winner of the Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest will have his work published amongst our partner media outlets and formally displayed at various Art Walks in our selected city’s. The recognition of your talents amongst the robust art community will allow you to maximize your network and artistic exposure to thousands of people.

Work published in all partner media outlets (print and web), online email blast announcing winner with art and bio, showcased on Jarritos website, featuring art at the VIP event, and 1 year supply (365 bottles) of Jarritos.

Online email blast announcing 2nd place winner with art and bio, mentioned on Jarritos website, featuring art at the VIP event, 6 month supply (180 bottles) of Jarritos.

Online email blast announcing 3rd place winner with art and bio, mentioned on Jarritos website, featuring art at the VIP event, 3 month supply (90 bottles) of Jarritos.

Media partners include but not limited to: URB Magazine, Frank 151, Known Gallery, GuerillaOne.com, and Jarritos social outlets (i.e. website and Facebook). More to be announced.

Winning Art piece along with selected submitted Art pieces will be exhibited at various Art Walks in our selected city’s. All artists will be invited to attend.

Jarritos presents the Jarritos Flavor City Art/Advertising Contest. Winning pieces will be published as a Jarritos advertisement in an art/trade publication. Art will be judged by a renowned panel from the Arts industry. Winner will be announced September 8th 2011 See instructions below on how to create your graphics! Good luck!

Please be sure to review each rule and regulation thoroughly before submitting. Jarritos reserves the right to immediately disqualify any and all entrants that do not follow the guidelines to enter:

All entries must feature the Jarritos 2011 logo and bottle. Any entry not including the Jarritos 2011 logo will be disqualified. Medium of your choice. Be aware there is NO SLOGAN for this year’s contest.

Download Jarritos Logo
Download Jarritos Bottle Images

Multiple submissions are ok.

Send submissions to: ad@jarritosflavorcity.com with the subject line: Jarritos Flavor City Contest. For judging purposes, please send a low resolution (72 dpi) jpg. Any large files (over 5MB) will be immediately discarded.

If you are creating your submission in Photoshop/Illustrator, please retain a layered high res (300dpi) file. If you are creating a photograph/painting/drawing, etc., please retain a high res (300dpi) scan. If your work is selected, but you do not have the original high res file, your work will be disqualified from the exhibition and a new winner will be selected.

If you have any questions please contact us



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